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Innocence of Muslims

Published September 14, 2012

Innocence of Muslims

Watch The Full Film : The Life of Muhammad - Holy Peace [BBC Two]

The Life of Muhammad [BBC Two] 2011

This is Mohammad

Muhammad The Prophet of Islam ::موقع نصرة سيدنا محمد ر سول الله

The Prophet Muhammad

Who was Muhammad? By Non Muslims

Muhammad: A - Z : By Yusuf Estes, Former Christian Preacher

The filmmakers are reportedly associated with Christian extremists in California
Initial reports say the filmmaker was Sam Bacile but this was proved untrue
According to US officials an Egyptian Copt named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula made the film. Nakoula was convicted of bank fraud in California in 2009. US officials suspect Nakoula used 'Sam Bacile' as a pseudonym
The filmmaker claimed the video was made with money from Jewish donors. He also claimed to be an Israeli Jew but Israel had no record of him
The 'consultant' for the film, Steve Klein, is an anti-Muslim activist in California. Civil rights groups say Klein trained militant Christian groups
Terry Jones, the Quran-burning US pastor, was involved in promoting the film.

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Reviewer: obamadocuments - - September 17, 2012
Subject: The OTHER movie that caused the controversy
You can find the trailer that sparked the controversy here:
Innocence of Muslims - Muhammad Movie

For an analysis of that "agitation propaganda" psyop movie and the people behind it:
Anti-Muslim Psyop Film 'Innocence of Muslims' Research Package

To find out why and how that film and its producers fit in to current American politics, (Mitt Romney, American Zionists)look here:
The Zionist Plot to Stop Ron Paul - Christopher Bollyn

For info on what Israel and Zionism are really all about, (knowledge Americans are usually denied) look here:
How Britain's Biggest Racists (and Financiers) Created Zionist Cult

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics (1996)

To understand how American Christians got hoodwinked into supporting the Babylonian Talmudist Khazars and their ambitions of global domination:
''Christian-Zionism'' and Political Zionism - British-Rothschild Hijack of US Christianity - Chuck Carlson

The Hijacking of American Christianity - by British and Khazar NWO Globalists - Big Study Package, v1

You probably know about the Babylonian origins of Islam. But what about Babylon religion and those who call themselves "Jews"?
The Curse Of Canaan - A Demonology Of History - 1987 - Eustace Mullins

Who are the Kenites, Jews and Judaism, Jesus and the Talmudists - Bertrand Comparet

What about Babylonian influence on Christianity?
Rebuilding Babylon as Global Capital - In Iraq, by US, Britain - Research Package v1

Arctic Beacon Forbidden Library - Simon Peter vs Simon the Sorcerer - by Dr. E.L. Martin

Parting thought. All reduces to the battle between spiritual Babylon, vs spiritual Jerusalem. Spiritual Babylon represents egoism and self-exultation - leading to selfishness, theft, killing, and destruction. Spiritual Jerusalem represents bestowal, and the desire to be more like the Creator - leading to deeper peace, love and greater unity with the Creator.

Your choice.
Reviewer: ongre10 - - September 17, 2012
Subject: Could someone please explain
why all those people in the middle east are angry about this film. Maybe they were shown a different film.
All it seems to do is explain through the words of Westerners what Islam is about.
Maybe someone dubbed hateful translations into its audio. Also maybe this is not the film they are talking about because it was mentioned in the news how poor the production was and how the acting was really bad. Well this film had proper values and there only narration, no acting at all.
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